Fix & Flip and Other Investment Loans

Our rental investment property loans offer great rates and long terms for investors. Purchase loans or refinancing are available.

  • Rates from 5.9% to 7.9%
  • Terms up to 30 Years
  • LTVs up to 75%
  • Credit Score Above 660 Required
  • No personal income verification or tax returns are required.

 All 50 states. Fixed rates options are available.


Investment property fix and flips can be a highly lucrative venture when executed by an expert who possesses the right blend of market knowledge, renovation savvy, and strategic foresight. These seasoned professionals approach fix and flips not just as mere projects, but as calculated investments that can maximize ROI while minimizing risks.

An expert in fix and flips has a keen eye for undervalued properties that hide potential beneath superficial blemishes. They can see past dated interiors, unkempt yards, and cosmetic flaws, identifying the bones of a structure that promise a handsome payoff post-transformation. Their expertise extends to an in-depth understanding of the neighborhood, including current real estate trends, future developments, and the target buyer demographic. This knowledge is crucial in determining the extent and nature of renovations that will appeal to the market and command the best price.

The renovation process itself is an exercise in precision and efficiency under the guidance of a fix and flip expert. They manage a network of trusted contractors, ensuring work is completed to a high standard, within budget, and on schedule. The expert understands which renovations will bring the most value, focusing on key areas like kitchens and bathrooms, and ensuring that all changes comply with building codes and regulations.

Moreover, an experienced investor is adept at navigating the financial nuances of fix and flips. They secure financing with favorable terms and understand the importance of a comprehensive budget that accounts for purchase costs, renovation expenses, holding costs, and the eventual selling fees and taxes. By keeping a close eye on the budget and timeline, they can prevent overcapitalization and ensure the property goes back on the market swiftly.

Securing the right funding is as critical as the expertise in renovation when it comes to fix and flips. This is where MCS Capital bridges the gap, offering bespoke financial solutions to fuel your investment dreams. With a deep understanding of the fix and flip landscape, MCS Capital specializes in providing fast, flexible funding options tailored to the unique needs of each project. Whether it’s a swift bridge loan to snap up that perfect property or a renovation loan crafted to cover every last repair, MCS Capital stands ready to ensure your cash flow is as fluid as your project timeline.

Our seasoned financial team works closely with you, the investor, to understand the scope and scale of your flip. We evaluate your plans and projections with a constructive eye, ensuring the funding we secure not only covers your immediate needs but also accommodates unforeseen expenses. MCS Capital's extensive network of lending partners means we can offer competitive rates and terms, minimizing your costs and maximizing your investment potential.

In the hands of MCS Capital, your financial concerns are alleviated, allowing you to focus on the transformation of the property. We take pride in being a part of your investment journey, from the thrill of the initial purchase to the final sale. With MCS Capital's funding, your fix and flip venture isn’t just a possibility—it’s a well-financed success waiting to happen.

An example that encapsulates the expertise of a professional flipper is a recent project where a dilapidated Victorian home was transformed into a modern family abode. The expert leveraged their deep market insights to preserve the property's historical charm while incorporating modern amenities, resulting in a bidding war that significantly pushed the sale price above the asking.

In conclusion, the success of investment property fix and flips hinges on the adeptness of the expert behind the wheel. With their strategic approach, a flip can transition smoothly from a mere investment into a profitable and rewarding endeavor.


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